Build a Business You Love {That Loves You Back}

There’s a lot of talk in the entrepreneurial world about building a business you love… but too often, I see amazing, passionate entrepreneurs sacrificing their health, their family, and every waking moment striving to find success.

All we hear is ALL. THE. THINGS. we’ve gotta do first to build our business. All the tips and tricks and tactics to be everywhere and, of course, hit 6 or 7 figures as quickly as humanly possible.

The result? Too many women entrepreneurs are DELAYING the life we love because we believe that FIRST we’ve gotta work our fingers to the bone to create a successful business.

Setting us up for burnout. Resentment. And a nagging feeling that we aren’t ENOUGH.

When you design a business that loves you back, you’re building your business around your desired lifestyle. You’re making time for work AND play. You’re doing your business, your way.

And isn’t that why we chose this lifestyle business anyhow? To have the FREEDOM, EASE, and ABUNDANCE to enjoy our lives? I think so!

Ladies, it’s time that we begin putting ourselves first.

We can’t give what we don’t have. It’s time we all begin refilling that self-love tank – not only to start living a life we love right now – but so we can bring the BEST of ourselves to the world!


Ready to Fall Back In Love With Your Business?

Here Are My 3 Biz Love Mantras::

1:: Keep it Simple & Strategic

Let’s bring it all down to zen-like simplicity:: The only thing you really need to grow your business is people who need {and will happily pay for} your help.

PEOPLE are at the heart of your business.

It only gets complicated when we lose sight of what our dream clients really want and instead, start finding ourselves attempting to keep up with all the latest tips and tricks and tactics.

When you allow your business to be simple and strategic, focused on strategies that work best for you, it’s so much easier to grow your business on your terms.

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2:: Balance is a VERB.

Newsflash:: Work Life Balance is a MYTH.

We have this crazy idea that if we just manage our calendar perfectly or find the right productivity hack, we’ll crack the code to the perfect ratio of work and family, rest and play.

There is no perfect ratio. Balance is an act of resilience. It’s knowing that you’ll be working late nights during a launch, so you’ll need to follow it with a long weekend to unplug. It’s knowing that some days, you’ll have to cancel everything to sit on the sofa and watch cartoons with a sick kid.

If you’re anything like me {hey there, fellow over-achieving perfectionist!}, the key to finding more balance all starts with clarity about what matters most, to you.

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3:: Ideas Don’t Grow Businesses.
Inspired Action Does.

Entrepreneurs… we love new ideas. Nothing excites us more than brainstorming new ways to make something better, new products to create, and big strategies to get those ideas into the world. Truthbomb:: A $10,000 idea without IMPLEMENTATION is worthless. If you’re ready to grow your business, it’s time to get laser focused and fire up your productivity so you can bringing those big ideas to life.

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